Seven reasons to go organic

The modern era has brought lot of changes in our food and life style. Nowadays, people are more towards adopting things that suits well to their health and nature respectively. While, organic food has become all-time favorite. Below are few points that show the importance of organic food.


1) Stringent quality standards are there in organic food

Organic food is processed with Organic certification. This helps in gaining public’s confidence that products have been cultivated and handled according to strict procedures devoid of toxic chemical inputs.


2) Licking our taste buds, Organic food tastes great!

Usually, we consume; whichever our tongue likes, but it’s not healthy always. Fortunately, organic food is produced under well-balanced soils, without pesticides and insecticides.


3) There is a reduction in health related risks while consuming organic

Pesticides and insecticides use chemicals which can leads to diseases like cancer. Organic agriculture farming is free from that.


4) Water resources are saved using organic farming

The removal of polluting chemicals and nitrogen discharge, made in combination with soil building, saves and conserves water resources.


5) Healthy soil is used in organic farming

Soil is considered as the foundation of the food chain. The chief focus and concern in organic farming is to include practices that build healthy soils.


6) Nature is saved in Organic farming

Organic agricultural method respects the need for balance for healthy ecosystem. Wildlife is buoyanted by including feed crops in rotation and by retaining the wetlands, fence rows, and other natural areas.


7) Innovative research methods are used in Organic production.

Organic farmers are considered as intelligent; as they have led the way, mostly at their own cost, with new and innovative on-farm research techniques. This leads reduction of pesticides, which in return maintain a healthy impact on the environment.


The above reasons are more then sufficient to go organic. Organic cultivation might cost us more but the results, or the impact on our health and nature is almost priceless. Therefore, one should always try to be organic.

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