The consumption for organic vegetables has developed quickly from being a fad to becoming a way of life for many people. There are many supermarkets that store organic vegetables. Many restaurants use organic vegetables for their cooking. Fairs are held on a regular basis to promote and sell organic vegetables. It is possible to buy organic vegetables online. There are many people who cultivate their own vegetable garden either in their kitchen, backyard or their terrace. It is common to find people who have managed to successfully grow broccoli and beans through organic means in their private vegetable garden. 

Asian green vegetables like Chinese cabbage and Bok Choy have plenty of vitamins in them along with being a prime source of calcium. Asparagus is a wonderful plant, which if planted once can be harvested for many years. If maintained well, a bed of this vegetable that is renowned for its sweet and slender properties can be productive for many years. Beans are used in a wide variety of dishes from Indian cooking and Oriental cooking to Continental cooking. They are also quite easy to grow. The best part is that they can be grown in a wide range of climates. 

One of the most cultivated agricultural crops in the world is the potato. In fact, it is just behind rice, wheat and maize in terms of cultivation. It is an essential ingredient in all cuisines around the world. Those who are planning to grow this vegetable without the use of chemicals should choose an area that gets at least six hours of sun in a day. The soil should not be of heavy clay, but rather one that is of average fertility. It should also be well drained. Growing potatoes does not require fertilizer if the soil has been amended with compost and at least one inch of water is provided to the area per week

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