Why Preferred?

Why organic products are preferred

In the health conscious world that we live in today, it should not surprise anyone that organic products are so much in demand. People pick up the newspaper and read every day that bird flu has infected the livestock population; that dangerous quantities of pesticides have been found in fruits and vegetables; that animals have fallen sick after being infected with growth hormones. Naturally, they get concerned about their health and that of their families. There are already enough health issues in the world nowadays with rising levels of pollution and unsafe drinking water. The last thing they want is for their food to be contaminated, as well. 

That is why they make their way to the local supermarket or a large department store in search of organic products. They understand that these products might be a little bit expensive than conventionally grown products, but the health benefits overrule any concerns they might have about the cost. Plenty of research has been done regarding the health benefits of organic products and it has been found that these products tend to retain essential nutrients lot better than conventionally grown products. The proteins and vitamins are not destroyed by the chemicals used by the farmers. 

These products are also wonderful for the environment. After all, the lesser the amount of chemicals used on the soil, the better it is. It is possible to grow multiple crops on the same patch of land, which works to the benefit of the farmer. Many farmers have come to the realisation that there is an economic side to this as well. They can easily make a lot of money exporting these products to North America and Europe, since the organic food market is well established in these countries. All these reasons have worked in increasing the preference for organic products. We at organicfoodmart.in promote the consumption of organic food as we realise that it is highly beneficial for everyone and want to make these products available to a larger consumer base.

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