The growing awareness about health related issues means that many people are rapidly switching to the consumption of organic products. These products are grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Farmers do not make the use of sewage sludge or genetic organisms to make their fruits and vegetables grow faster. In normal dairy farming, animals are injected with antibiotics and growth hormones so that more meat, eggs and dairy products will be produced. Organic farmers stay away from such injections. Therefore, it is believed that organic products are much healthier as compared to normal products. 

Organic products are commonly found nowadays in supermarkets and large grocery stores. These products are labelled to tell people that they have been developed organically. There are different varieties of organic products and the labels usually indicate this information. There are products that are 100% organic and the labels indicate this. There are other products that are mostly organic, say to the degree of 95%, while the remaining part is inorganic. Then there are products which are organic to a lesser degree, say 70% organic or possibly even less. Each country has an organization for certifying organic products and their seal can be found on products that have been cleared by them. 

There are many people who debate on whether organic products are cheaper or costlier than normal products. This debate has never reached a conclusion. There are certain products that are cheaper while there are others which are more expensive. Coffee, cereal and bread cost the same or even less than their regular counterparts. One of the reasons for the high prices is that organic farming is still in its infancy in countries like India, while the demand for them continues to increase. However, as more farmers take to organic farming, the prices could potentially decrease. At you will be able to buy a wide range of organic products, which will make your lifestyle healthier and also be good for the environment

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